Stress Management

Stress Management is an important skill to help us respond to the challenges of today's fast-paced world. As stress works its way into our lives, it is important for our physical and emotional health to learn how to effectively manage it. Stress is most successfully treated when we intervene in both the mind and the body. It is important for us to recognize the situations and events associated with our stress, the emotional triggers that facilitate our stress, and the thought processes we have that fuel our stress and keep it going. The better we understand why, when and where we experience stress, the more control this gives us in effectively managing it.

Each person's mind and body interact in unique ways to produce that individual's response to stress. By learning to manage the specific thought processes associated with our stress while also learning to control the ways our body responds to stress, we can effectively circumvent our stress response. A holistic approach, including various counseling services, emphasizing appropriate rest, diet and exercise works best.

Counseling services to help reduce stress are varied and include but not limited to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Relaxation Training, Mindfulness Training, and Meditation. Our staff has been helping people learn how to manage stress for over 20 years. A little stress in our lives is necessary; it helps to motivate us. We can never completely get rid of stress, nor would we want to, but learning how to manage stress is important for our physical and emotional health.