Man needing family counseling in Norfolk, NE

Counseling and ADHD Evaluations in Norfolk, NE

At Associated Psychologists & Counselors LLC, we are dedicated to providing quality, caring mental health services for the residents of the Norfolk, NE, area. Turn to us for individual and family counseling, psychological assessments, and ADHD evaluations. Your mental health is our priority.

Since 1991, Associated Psychologists & Counselors LLC has served the Norfolk area. Our dedication is to the success of our patients overcoming mental health issues, whether that is depression, anxiety, or ADHD. Trust your mental well-being to our licensed and experienced psychologists and counselors.

Professionals You Can Trust

Some people consider seeing a counselor as a last resort. But counseling can help you at any stage of your life, whether you have never been diagnosed with a mental illness or you have lived with one for many years.

Consider seeing a mental health professional if you have experienced or currently experience any of the following:

  • Overwhelming stress
  • Familial issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Anger management problems
  • Abuse or trauma
  • Self-harming behavior

Our providers can help you find healthy ways to process what you are experiencing and encourage you as you overcome mental health issues.

Services That Can Help

At Associated Psychologists & Counselors LLC, our experienced counselors can perform mental health evaluations to assess the state of your mental health and then offer treatments and strategies to improve it. We have four psychologists and three mental health providers on staff to assist you.

We understand that the idea of seeing a counselor for the first time can be daunting. We do our best to make you feel comfortable at our office and during your session, and we encourage new patients to come prepared with information about your symptoms, concerns, and mental health history.

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