Parenting Therapists in Norfolk, NE

Parenting concerns can create significant stress and worry in today's fast-paced world. Assisting parents with their children's behavioral and emotional problems is a primary focus of the counselors at Associated Psychologists and Counselors. Since there is not a perfect way to parent, we work with parents to develop and enhance their own personal parenting philosophy. It is important to have a parenting approach that can be applied consistently, so children see their parents as reliable sources of love and discipline.

Today's parents face many challenges and concerns for their children. Parents can feel constant pressure to make their children happy and often feel like they are doing something wrong if their children are unhappy. We, at Associated Psychologists and Counselors, help parents teach their children how to make themselves happy, fostering a sense of self-worth and self-reliance in the process. As part of the process, our counselors can assist parents in addressing a wide range of behavioral problems, including arguing, not following directions, fighting with siblings, temper tantrums, not doing homework, poor grades, disrespect and many others. Our counselors often recommend books and utilize other reading materials and/or different behavior management charts. Our counselors will work with school personnel if needed. Our counseling professionals have found that most parents have tried effective parenting strategies with their children, but sometimes need help following through longer or more consistently. A few minor adjustments can often lead to significant behavioral improvement in children.

Our professionals consider it a privilege to be able to work with parents and their children. We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to provide these kinds of counseling services for over 20 years. Our children are our future and we look forward to assisting you in helping your children become responsible adults.