Eating Disorders in Norfolk, NE

Eating Disorders have unfortunately become quite prevalent in today's society. Few things can devastate a family or an individual's life like an eating disorder. They include anorexia (significantly underweight with a distorted body image; they are slowly starving themselves to death), bulimia (chronic binging and purging) and overeating to the point of obesity. Any of these can lead to significant health problems (such as cardiac arrest) and can cause significant damage to the body, especially the major organs. Ninety percent of people with eating disorders are women, although professionals are seeing a gradual increase in eating disorders in teenaged boys.

Treatment of eating disorders needs to be multidimensional. Counseling services are an important part of an overall plan to help the individual. Counseling professionals work with the individual to help them identify and change the distorted thinking associated with their eating disorder. Our counseling staff helps individuals identify and address underlying emotional issues and needs motivating this behavior. We also work closely with nutritionists to assist these individuals in developing healthy eating patterns. In addition, our counselors work closely with family members to help them learn how to best help their loved one, placing a special emphasis on how to respond to the eating disorder and talk to their loved one about it.

Eating disorders can be very difficult to treat and the treatment process can be lengthy and complicated. For these reasons, and because eating disorders are so dangerous, it is important to find a mental health professional who knows how to treat them and has experience in doing so. Our counselors have been providing services for individuals with eating disorders for over 20 years. The knowledge and experience we have developed allow us to help those suffering from eating disorders and their families to address and navigate this difficult and challenging process.