3 Surprising Facts About Anxiety Disorders

Defined as the body's natural response to stress, anxiety has most likely affected you at some point in time. You may have felt this type of distress at some point in time. However, many people struggle with extreme distress related to anxiety.

Living with an anxiety disorder is possible, but proper understanding is essential for management and treatment. With this guide and the help of professionals, you will learn a few surprising facts about anxiety disorders.

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4 Reasons to Seek out Counseling While at College

No matter whether they are just starting their college experience or they are several years into it, most college students go through many types of mental and emotional challenges throughout their college career. And while some of these difficulties can be handled informally by the individual student, others could become obstacles to success if left unaddressed. 

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3 Facts about Postnatal Depression

Falling pregnant and having a child is often one of the most exciting and memorable times in a woman's life. It can also be one of life's most challenging events, particularly for first-time mothers. Adjusting to the responsibility of caring for a tiny baby, as well as dealing with sleep deprivation, fluctuating hormones, and pure physical exhaustion, often take a toll on the mental health of many new mothers...

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