Behavioral Problems

Parents often tell us that child behavior problems are among the most confusing, painful, and overwhelming issues they face. They love their children fiercely, do their best to provide guidance and discipline, yet they are met with anger, defiance, hostility, or even rage.

Maybe some of this uncertainty results from the fact that many issues can contribute to these kinds of difficulties. A child may have been exposed to abuse and finds it difficult to trust adults when situations become emotionally intense. A parent may unintentionally reward inappropriate behavior when they "give in" instead of holding firm to a family rule. A child may become emotionally overwhelmed and do the last thing they can think of, which is to rage and push people away. Or a child might be struggling to contain their grief over a lost loved one.

Those are just a few examples of what can cause a child to act out. And maybe you could tell that the solution to the problem will depend a lot on what is causing it.

At APC, our counselors can help to identify the reasons why your child is struggling with anger and behavioral problems. Then we will sit down together with you to develop a plan for how to help you to feel more effective as a parent, to help your child feel better, and to help the family build more of a sense of togetherness.