Autism spectrum disorders

Recent studies have suggested that autism is becoming an increasingly prevalent condition, though there is some disagreement over the extent to which is a result of our improved ability to recognize and diagnose this condition in children.

With all this news about autism, parents who have concerns about their child's development often wonder whether their child might suffer from an autism spectrum disorder. Here at APC, we have experts who can assess your child to determine if an autism spectrum disorder is present - and who will work with you to develop a plan of treatment if a diagnosis of autism is confirmed.

Our goal in working with families who have a child affected by autism is to help you better understand what autism is, how it affects the way your child approaches the world, and (most importantly) how you as a parent can begin to make a difference. We strive to go beyond merely managing difficult behaviors to addressing some of the underlying cognitive processing deficits involved in autism. For instance, we often work on improving your child's ability to be more flexible and see things from someone else's point of view.

It is our experience that doing this kind of deeper work helps children struggling with autism to make meaningful changes in their lives such as making friends, needing less educational support at school, and achieving a better quality of life.