Anger Management

Anger management skills are important tools in today's busy and sometimes frustrating world. Anger often gets a bad rap. Society tends to view anger in a negative way, yet anger is our body's way of sending us important information like when we might be getting taken advantage of or mistreated. So, in our view, the problem is not the anger itself but how we choose to express it. It becomes a problem only when we express it in ways that are hurtful or unhealthy. For instance, often people find it easier to express their anger rather than underlying feelings of hurt, sadness, or disappointment - and doing so can prevent deeper understanding and closeness in our relationships.

Treating anger does not mean getting rid of it, but learning how to effectively manage anger. This is made easier by learning to identify the situations that tend to trigger someone's anger. Since anger is the result of how we interpret these situations and events, it can be helpful to look at the kind of thinking that takes place when we are in those situations. Once we learn to recognize these patterns of thinking, we can learn how to change this thinking. Our counselors can help you to determine the most effective change that is needed.

Anger also has a strong physiological component. Sometimes managing anger effectively requires learning how to control the body's release of adrenaline and various other chemicals. This process can be controlled with the use of various counseling services such as relaxation training. Your counselor can help determine the most effective strategies for you. For example, some counseling approaches used for anger management include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, and Coping Skills Development.

Our professionals have been helping people learn how to successfully manage anger for over 20 years. Through our counseling services, we look forward to helping you identify effective anger management strategies to make your life happier and more productive.